Considering that Polynesian tattoos are not just a drawing style, but the embodyment of a way of living, before diving into the design process we provide a brief introduction to the culture, styles, and purpose of these tattoos.
It's like getting to know the ingredients before baking the cake: it wouldn't be necessary if you dully followed the recipe, but it does help doing a much better job, and interiorizing the steps while prepare tattoos with a soul.

The course is structured into the following sections:

  1. Presentation

  2. Cultural background

    • Culture

    • Purpose

    • Styles

    • Symbols

  3. Basic concepts

    • Balance

    • Breath

    • Flow

  4. Design process

    • Info collection

    • Prioritizing the meanings

    • Choosing the elements

    • Drawing the draft

    • Finalizing the tattoo

  5. Over-the-shoulder examples

    • Upper back

    • Calf band

    • Half sleeve

  6. Course Materials

    • The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook Vol.2

    • Symbols Quick Reference visual guide

    • Meanings quick reference dictionary

  7. Bonus lesson

The symbols are not explained individually here, as they are not the focus of this course, which is drawing better tattoos, but since you need to know them, we added The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 to the course materials as downloadable PDFs, with over 600 symbols and variants listed.
You will also find a visual quick reference guide there, to help you identify at a glance the most common symbols for the main meanings, and a quick dictionary to suggest possible symbols for various meanings.

Let's start!