To build a solid house it takes a good foundation.

The foundation to design better Polynesian tattoos is info collection.
If you get this right, you are already half the way to the perfect tattoo.

It's important to know the WHAT (story and meanings) of the desired tattoo, the WHY (why those meanings?), the WHERE (position and size), and the HOW (personal preferences in terms of style).

These are the four pillars of your tattoo, and we'll see in this video why they're important and how to get to know them.

Key Learning Points:

  • Info collection done well is fundamental to understand the tattoo

  • The WHY is as important as the WHAT

  • Take measures and design for the body (WHERE)

  • Always ask for examples of the preferred style (HOW)

Your Actions for Today:

  • Take the example requests from the handbook, and imagine which questions could be asked in each case in order to obtain more details.

  • Prepare a set of questions (meanings, reasons for choosing them, measures, examples of preferred style etc.) that you will ask before preparing a new tattoo.
    Example: "Can you tell me more about you and the meanings that you want to represent? Why did you choose each meaning and element above all and why are they so important to you?"

    Address all the four questions.